Street Painting Techniques

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Sometimes, the canvas, gallery and studios are not enough to contain artistes’ depth of creativity unless going on the street. Going back to the early 16th century Italy, street painting has been used. Britain saw so much of pavement art starting in the 1890s, and many more cities across the world, including Atlanta Georgia, have witnessed street painting beautifully across time.

Street painting is an enormous artistic investment for beautifying the environment, although it has not enjoyed so much welcome from city planners. The painstaking creative work involves many street painting techniques, and we discuss a few below:

Street Painting Techniques 1-5

1. Spray. One street painting techniques use for street painting is spray painting to painting graffiti. Spray allows faster painting work to be done on any materials such as walls, carts, and tree or windows. Spraying technique allows the painting to cover a large area and done with ease than using the brush on canvas.

2. Stencil. Stencil, like the name suggest, is an art technique that gives the advantage of getting it right the first time. Since street art is considered illegal because the governments often regard it as public disturbance, a smart artist does not want to waste time making endless corrections to get things done properly.

3. Liquid paints. Liquid paints technique is of great help to the artist as the paint can paint large and fast with a better impression and great mix. Although not as fast as in real life situation, but it gives the really good artists the advantage of the color flexibility and perfect job.

4. Tiles/Mosaic. The mosaic technique takes the time to accomplish, but itís a really good technique for masterpiece art. What happens here is that the artist would design his art somewhere using small pieces of glass, stone, and ceramics to create amazing images and then taken to the location of the art and install it.

5. Sculptures, the sand art. This street painting technique uses sand to mold and creates a beautiful piece of art on the street. It takes quite enormous time and energy to accomplish, but it comes out nice in the end.

Street Painting Techniques 6-9

6. LED. The technique uses led lights to create graffiti for a fantastic piece of art on the street. The finished product often is so attractive that people gather at the spot to admire its beauty.

7. 3D street art. This technique is the creation of 3D images on street, wall, floors and other large areas to create an amazing sight that attracts attention. The good side is that it creates fun for the people especially those 3D paintings that look like a deep-steep hole in the middle of the road.

8. Origami. This technique involves creativity and great imagination created on sticker paper and later paste on the street. This is creativity per excellence and gives the artist the avenue to creatively bring his imagination to reality on the street. Murals. Think of it as painted photograph; murals are a piece of artwork created directly on the wall, ceiling or other large surfaces to beautify it.

9. Wheatpaste. This street painting technique uses vegetable adhesive to stick creates amazing work of street art. Food art has been around for long, and some artists are really good at it.

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