Mural Art Impact in America

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Atlanta Mural Paintings and its Impact Mural painting in its clear focus - reflects a person’s art taste & preference. Mural painting can be applied to transform a business office wall so that it appears more eye-catching and stylish. One of the best artists in the United States doing so much with mural painting is Atlanta artist Corey Barksdale who paints large scale murals and fine art in Atlanta.

Corey delivers the best of Atlanta muralist paintings – those that captivate the viewer’s mind and sense of art appreciation! Corey has produced powerful eye catching & attractive murals that have helped transformed ordinary walls to highly creative walls in Atlanta. If you find yourself lost in stare at some of those murals painting you find in certain choice areas in the state, it is 80 percent likely that Corey Barksdale has his signature on them.

Mural Art Impact in America - Atlanta Mural Paintings

If you run a business in Atlanta and you desire to get a highly creative & attractive wall painting for your office that will be truly appealing to your clients and visitors, Corey is the reliable Atlanta Artist to contact. When you are able to transform a lackluster wall into a distinctively attractive wall, you will attract more people visiting your business place & this will provide you some good recognition.

Atlanta artist Corey Barksdale offers Atlanta and its residents - fine art that reveals the ideal style statement – with mural paintings that are exceptionally unique.

With passion for drawing, Corey delivers extreme creativity by splashing colors on the walls with his collective brushes. With Atlanta mural paintings – this can help folks recognize your brand much better & then customers can get positive vibes about your operations.

Mural Art Impact in America - Atlanta Artist Mural Art

Choice of colors matter a lot and Corey Barksdale (a celebrated Atlanta artist) knows how to put them together to produce stellar mural paintings. Barksdale, an Atlanta College of Art graduate, loves the colors - sky blue, rich orange, and some hint of brown, which he generously uses with bold strokes throughout his mural paintings in Atlanta.

Corey’s vision as a celebrated Atlanta Artist is to connect more on a more personal level with his fans and audience with the best of creative art works. If you are planning on commissioning a mural and want the ultimate best Atlanta muralist paintings, you can reach out to Corey here. You can also see some of his Jazz musically inspired drawings by viewing his gallery, and you will be wowed.

Corey Barksdale’s mural paintings are great for any location and they help build a sense of peaceful community. The experience embedded within murals moves every one of us from the daily life scene into the realm of possibilities!

Commission a Fine Art Painting by Atlanta Artist - Have a Suggestion - Commission a Mural Painting - Have a Art Question - Live Performance Request