How to Grow Your Social Media for Artists

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How to Grow Your Social Media:

5 Tips for Visual Artists While using social media can be a bother for recluses it however is a great avenue for artists to build a following for their artwork and gain an online presence that will make them more visual as well as improve their brand through recognition. While there many social media platforms that would appeal to an artist, visual content is the most preferred form when sharing content on social media.

This is because it creates a deeper emotional connection when compared to text and it is more easily and deeply etched onto memories.

Sharing your incredible artwork in the right way on social media will allow you to reach and connect with a wider audience, build your brand and make your work recognizable as well as relatable to you.

Social Media Tips for Visual Artist - Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc

Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Behance and LinkedIn are all great social media tools which when wielded correctly can enhance an artist’s career. However, growing your social media is not just about posting visual content.

You need a winning strategy aimed at promoting your artwork and connecting with your existing followers as well as gaining new ones. This strategy, whose overall mission is to enhance your brand as an artist, will help you create a thorough visual presence plan to grow your social media. Have you been struggling with reaching a wider audience with your artwork?

Here are some tips to grow your social media: Don’t Underestimate Facebook Still holding on as one of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook reaches numerous people and it is therefore a great place to start implementing your strategy to becoming a visual artist.

How to Grow Your Social Media with Branded Pages

You can choose to have your name synonymous to your work or create a separate page from which you can showcase your brand. Set Up or Revamp Your Brand’s Pages on Social Media Platforms By setting up or revamping your brand’s pages correctly on social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook will help you create space from which you can market your art more effectively.

Design Your Branded Pages Since you know your work, what mood and reaction it creates it is important to design your pages to present your art in the best and most visually relatable way possible. By using creativity and high resolution images, you can showcase your creations in the best way possible. Posting Make informative and captivating posts to engage your peers as well as fans and potential customers.

They can be supported by relevant hashtags and regular telling your audience of what drives you and what your brand is all about. Liking and sharing other brands you admire, posting short updates and blog posts, posting photos of yourself at work, responding to queries and analyzing posts’ impact will help you identify which posts resonate more with your audience.

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