How to Draw and Paint a Mural

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How to draw and paint a mural painting

Mural painting is a piece of painting on a wall. The surface for the painting can be wall, ceiling or any surface whether itís public or private. Mural paintings have different styles and techniques.

Different artists use their creativity to draw mural paintings. Some things are needed to keep in mind while drawing a great mural painting. Keeping these things in mind help you work better with your creativity that you are going to draw on the walls.

More comfortable you are with your surface; more beauty will be enhanced in the painting. Let us take a look about the important things that most of the beginner artists miss in their paintings.

How to Draw and Paint a Mural - Choose the Right Surface

Choose the right surface The surface plays an important role in the painting of the mural. Mural painting artists take a lot of time and hard work to complete one mural painting. So, they believe in finding places for their artwork that are visible to public and most of the people. If you are interested in mural paintings and want to draw your first mural, you should give a try to your creation by participating in a festival.

You will get the right surface to get started with your painting. If you are a beginner in mural art paintings, you should know one thing that you should always choose the right surface to make your mural perfect. The best surfaces for mural paintings are walls, ceilings, floors etc.

Use grids to make your design easily Mural paintings are huge and so are its designs. If the size of the mural to be painted is large, make use of the grids so as to make the design properly. It becomes convenient for the artist to use grids and split the sketch into different parts to make it easy to design little parts of the mural.

Use appropriate techniques and materials The tools to be used for mural drawing needs to be perfect and should be accessible by the artists. The techniques and materials to be used for mural paintings should be chosen carefully.

The different materials are present in the market for painting murals. Always try to use materials that will make your piece of artwork amazing and not the ones that will fade away your painting with rain or sunlight.

How to Draw and Paint a Mural - Prepare the Surface

Resistant color paints are found in the markets especially for the mural paintings. The paints offered for mural paintings come with oil-based paints or acrylic paints that make the painting last for longer time with its long lasting color effects, especially for the paintings painted in outdoor areas.

Prepare the surface with primer whenever you are going to paint a mural or making any other artwork, smoothness is the key to perfection. If your surface is smooth enough to paint the mural, your mural paintings will make everyone feel exciting after viewing it. While painting a large wall mural, its surface should be prime paint before starting mural painting. The prime painting is to be done with white primer.

Doing this helps in make the surface worth painting as well as covering the surface where painting is to be started. It is very important to know that the right paint for painting as well as right amount of the paint.

Remember some of the important tools for mural paintings The most important and expensive thing for mural painting is paint. There are some other things that are also important for mural painting. These things include brushes, sponges, clothes, ladder and many other little things required for painting. These are the things and important points to remember while drawing a mural.

This will help you draw your own mural painting without having any doubt in the mind. Mural paintings are really hard to paint and once they are painted, one can hardly resist praising the painting.

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