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Dance, dance! DANCE!
K. Jared Hosein
  'Don't just stand there, ' he told himself,
Sunshiny midnight in the Club of Revelation Youth,
And the skinny golden goddess was working her fire-dance.
'She wants you! ' he tried to persuade himself was the truth

'Make her want you!
Make her want to come with you!
You have to serenade her with the instrumental
That has breathed through your spirit for so long now!

Hark wistful Shakuhachis that reverberate
And spring in the corridors of your soul!
Throw your woes away, throw it all away!
Let the hellhounds ravage them whole!
Unlock your mind,
Your body,
Your spirit,
Your energy,
Your synergy,
Your soul;
Every chakra,
Every particle,
Every thought,
Every emotion,
Your angersadnessfearblisslovehate!

Unlock all thoughts of life and death itself,
Every mystery,
Every secrecy,
Every ambiguity!
Melt your ice fortresses and let yourself be washed away
By the cold floodwaters into oblivion,
Where nothing would matter, save you and feet obsidian!

Do it!
Break your shackles,
Shake your manacles,
Free your dread,
Let it wed,
Absorb everything that is of worth
And impress her with your aggressive mirth,
Powerful limbs as they take full control!
Do it!
Don't just stand there giving yourself rants!
Take your vest off and dance, dance! DANCE!